Welcome Pswingset & Leftover Tour Merch!

Welcome Pswingset & Leftover Tour Merch!

Welcome Pswingset to the BDWHY family!

After 8 years, Pswingset decided to get together again in support of old friends Into It Over it and Annabel on a 3-day tour. New merch was made and leftovers were secured - get them here and here only!

Check out the shop for a new shirt, new 7", bumper sticker, and NOS Japanese CDs of their full length, All Our False Starts.


If you’re a thirty-something music fan who’s ever owned a pair of Vans classics, there’s an overwhelming statistical likelihood that the early 2010s indie/emo boom made a lasting impact on you. As such, Pswingset likely needs no (re)introduction, but here’s one anyway, just for good measure.

With releases on era-defining labels like Count Your Lucky Stars and Topshelf Records, Pswingset cemented themselves as heavy hitters of the emo revival. But where many of their peers were content to rehash the same noodly arpeggios, Pswingset dealt in a much more full-bodied, grounded, and timeless sound, owing more to 90s indie rock guitar gods like Chavez than they did to navel gazing emo.

These sensibilities are perfectly exemplified on their 2013 split with Play Dead Season, their side of which is seeing rebirth as a limited lathe cut 7” via Better Days Will Haunt You. Releasing just in time for their upcoming reunion tour with fellow 2010s DIY stalwarts Into It. Over It., Pswingset’s last recorded output is a compelling document of a vibrant music scene whose influence is still reverberating a decade later.

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